GYPA’s Philosophy


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You’ll learn how to apply proven business management methods and principles in a way that applies uniquely to your business or individual needs.


GYPA doesn’t just teach you management, we take it to the next level and beyond. Whether you are an executive, student or entrepreneur, we will teach you how to customize management techniques for your organization.


Communication is Key


In most businesses, the majority of employees are not aware of how their individual success connects to the big picture of success for themselves, other employees, and the organization as a whole. Time and money are lost due to misguided communication based on assumptions, lack of information, personal motives, etc. However, managed properly, awareness coupled with clear, factual communication within a defined functional structure will create greater profitability.


Results, Both Positive and Negative Signal a Need for Action

Staying on top of your business processes, even when things are going well, is essential. Many business managers fall short when they fail to analyze what created their successes or failures, to begin with.


GYPA helps you identify the positive and negative actions that create your results. You’ll learn strategies to get the results you want with less effort. Working this way helps your team to recognize the value of contributions made by the employees who carry out your executive actions, decisions and strategies.


GYPA’s Methods Become an Interactive Self Sustaining Management Lifestyle


This approach creates a cohesive interdependent model which makes clear to everyone on your team that each part of your business is dependent on the others. In a functional organization all parts work together to compensate for and repair any failure within the system. Communication, Organizational Structure, Management of Issues, Accountability, Training, and Delegation work together to build and grow your organization toward profitability.